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Carrageenan is extracted from red algae seaweed natural polysaccharides colloidal, chain polymer structure composed of galactose and 3.6 ether galactose and sulfuric acid fat, sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium salts. Due to the combination of morphology in different molecular sulfate (that is, the composition and structure of different), a kappa, iota carrageenan lambda -, etc. various types, their chemical structures and properties are different. This factory production is mainly of kappa carrageenan powder type. The 1.3 connection and 1.4- connection unit are respectively D- galactose -4 sulfate and 3.6- dehydration of -D galactose, it is a superior quality of food additives.
With the formation of gel and high viscosity characteristics of strong, elastic, transparency and solubility of satisfactory.Stability is very good, even if the long-term placement will not reduce its gel strength and viscosity, even if the heating is not hydrolyzed in medium and in alkaline solution.
Have good and protein binding properties, interactions between ions formed to molecules with positively charged proteins, the reaction of this unique is unique among all the colloid.
And L - carrageenan, konjac gum, locust bean gum, xanthan gum and other play a remarkable cooperative effect, the mixed use of the gel properties change significantly, the gel tends to be elastic and reduce bleeding phenomenon. The safe use of safety non-toxic have been confirmed by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the WHO.

Carrageenan is widely in food, medicine, daily chemical, biological chemical, architectural coatings, powder fabric dyeing and the use of agricultural.
Used as a gelling agent, thickener, stabilizer, suspending agent and clarifying agent in food industry. Can be used for candy, jelly, ham sausage, canned meat, ice cream, beverages, condiments, chocolate milk, milk pudding, simulation food, dessert, jam, jelly, beer, bread, meat surimi food and pet animal food etc..
Used as a toothpaste, detergent, cosmetics and air fresheners in daily chemicals.

Used as a microbial suspension agent, dispersing agent, barium sulfate capsules in biochemistry.
Used as microbial carrier and carrier of immobilized cells in the biological chemistry.

Used as a water-based paint industry paint thickener in other ways, to be used as ceramic glaze thickener, watercolor paint thickener, graphite suspension agent, textile and paper on the slurry, agricultural herbicide and pesticide suspending agent and so on.
The companies to use complex products imported high-quality seaweed raw material, adopts advanced extraction and purification process, the production of high quality and low price of carrageenan pure Lou and many varieties and specifications. Including high strength, high viscosity and high transparency refined carrageenan, semi refined carrageenan, jelly powder, jelly powder, meat powder, ice cream emulsion stabilizer, air fresheners and other varieties and specifications. To the maximum extent to meet the needs of different customers, can also provide a full range of various technical service product applications to customers.
Packaging: In 25kg net each woven bag lined with plastic bag.
Storage:Product should be stored in shady and cool places. Don't let it exposed to the sun. Performance won't be affected with damp.
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